Dr. Peter Williams joins Zimcode as an Advisor! 

We are excited to announce that Dr. Peter Williams has joined Zimcode as an advisor. With over 35 years of experience in helping businesses and governments adapt to new technology, Dr. Williams will play a crucial role in navigating Zimcode through its next chapters.

As a strategy and process consultant, Dr. Williams formerly served as the CTO of IBM’s “Big Green Innovations” unit. He played a significant role in developing IBM’s “smarter planet” businesses, focusing on the applications of technology to public infrastructure and public services such as environmental management, water management, smart cities, and disaster resilience. Dr. Williams was the lead author of the UN City Disaster Resilience Scorecard, now used by some 350 cities globally, and focused on disaster resilience.

After retiring from IBM in 2018, Dr. Williams now leads the US Network of ARISE, the UN DRR’s vehicle for enabling public-private collaboration in disaster risk reduction. In this role, he has expanded membership significantly and is leading or participating in numerous projects such as creating a community toolkit for wildfire risk reduction and a critical asset management tool. He also led the creation of a further UN Scorecard for the resilience of industrial and commercial real estate.

Dr. Williams was named an IBM Distinguished Engineer in 2009 and lectured at Stanford University for several years on Smart Cities and Communities. He is also an independent consultant working on the application of information and data technologies to water, smart cities, and disaster resilience with governments, vendors, and NGOs. Dr. Williams is a regular judge on VC competitions and advises several startups. He has lived in the US since 1999, is married with three adult children, and received his PhD from the University of Bath, England.

With Dr. Williams’ wealth of knowledge and experience, Zimcode is well-positioned to continue its growth and make an impact in the industry. We welcome Dr. Williams to the team and look forward to the valuable insights and guidance he will provide.

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