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The launch of Zimcode and TeamRunner – transforming sports event logistics and travel.

Today marks the start of Zimcode’s journey as it unveils its first product, TeamRunner, set to change the way we manage sports event logistics. TeamRunner is made to simplify the planning processes for organizers, teams, and local businesses, TeamRunner is poised to transform the management of sporting events.

Zimcode’s mission is to build next-generation software solutions with a focus on using technology and data.

For event organizers, TeamRunner offers a centralized solution to coordinate logistics efficiently. From booking accommodations to arranging transportation, organizers can save time and effort, focusing more on event planning and execution.

Teams also benefit greatly from TeamRunner’s user-friendly interface. With seamless booking options for accommodations and travel, teams can quickly and easily make group reservations with various payment options.

The platform also serves as a marketplace to connect event attendees with local businesses. Businesses will be able to advertise event specials – allowing the event to offer experiences behind their venue doors.

Zimcode will continue to develop TeamRunner and work on other products. Today marks the beginning of that journey.

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